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Health Careers Summer Enrichment Program


SEP is an integrative summer internship program where students shadow, volunteer, and explore the healthcare environment. After facility approval, students complete a checklist of experience throughout the summer on their own time. The flexibility of the program allows students to enjoy their break while still developing as a professional. Completion of the Summer Enrichment Program awards students with the Upstate AHEC Internship Certificate.


Applicants are required to:

  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Demonstrate a sincere interest in a specified healthcare field.
  • Understand that ALL internship sites will be located within counties included in the specified AHEC’s region with an exception to Upstate college students (Upstate AHEC counties included in the region are listed here).
  • Understand that the application process for the Upstate AHEC Summer Enrichment Program is competitive. Submission of this application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the program or enrichment opportunities.
  • Understand that additional forms and fees are required if accepted to attend the Summer Enrichment Program.
  • Inform parents/guardians of possible acceptance.
  • Provide transportation to internship placement site and/or the drop-off and pick-up locations for the Summer Enrichment Program if accepted.

“I have had such a great time this summer. I have also obtained tons of information. I can’t think of any better way that I could’ve spent my summer other than being in the AHEC program. I really would like to continue to be in this program next summer…”
–Onekadiona Phillips, Freshman, Charleston Southern University

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