Health Careers Academy

Health Careers Academy Purpose

Upstate AHEC’s Health Careers Academy (HCA) is a four year, interactive, academic based program designed to encourage and prepare high school students to enter health careers. The curriculum includes activities that improve student skills while demonstrating the link between classroom subjects such as communications, math and science to the practice of healthcare.

Opportunities for HCA participants include:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Participation in State and National Conferences
  • Career Interest Inventory
  • Mentoring Support
  • Pre-Health Skills Building
  • Hands-on Clinical Skills Training

Health Careers Academy Brochure

Health Careers Academy Modules Chart

2017-18 HCA Meeting Dates 


You may submit the following information to Nita Donald through Email: ndonald@upstateahec.orgFax: 864-349-1179 or Mail: 104 South Venture Drive. Greenville, SC 29615.

In addition, the following forms require signatures and must be faxed or mailed:

Emergency Information Form

Confidentiality Statement

For additional information about the HCA, please contact Nita Donald, Health Careers Program Coordinator